More pictures that asked to be made

June 22, 2015  •  1 Comment

A few more pictures, ones I made recently while working on the 15000 Buddhas project.  I like making these casuals while I'm working on the big project "just because".

First this one from the New Whitney.  It's hard to get back far enough to make wide pictures with a natural foreground/background relationship but the Whitney offers some spaces where you can stand back and shoot with a 70mm lens...stitched of course.

​Coming out of the Whitney there was a man with a table full of masks.  The afternoon sun was warm and inviting and he had nodded off.  I was more than a little envious...


Up on the High Line looking down I saw a little photo shoot going on.  The line between cast and crew has become non-existant.

_DSC7620-1920@72_DSC7620-1920@72 Then right from the High Line to the NY subway.  A very young couple sleeping as we rolled under the streets.  I didn't know their story of course but they could have been homeless or exhausted or...whatever.  Regardless, she slept in his arms and he slept folded over her to protect her.  I thought they were beautiful.

Back home and out in the backyard.  All the new plants are filling in and the yard grows more beautiful all the time.

The light is subtle in the late afternoon Little bits of sunlight make their way in and illuminate the flowers for a few last minutes.




Loved them, Andy, particularly the man with the table of masks.
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