Andy Romanoff | Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, 1973

In 1973 I went to Bonneville Utah to film and photograph the Sadd,Teague and Bentley roadster for Steed Oil. That year the car set a still standing land speed record (266 mph) as the fastest open body roadster in the world. I was lucky enough to be there that week and to make pictures of some of the classic cars competing.
The Sadd, Teague and Bentley, Spirit of 76. In 1973 the worlds fastest open bodied roadster. 266mph!pushing back after a runNolan and Rick White's Autopower sports racerChauvin Emmons' modified roadsterJack Lufkins 646.  this car rolled a day or two later after running 291mphBonneville103-B-edit-v2Bonneville105Polaroid exposure check shot Sadd, Teague and Bentley, 1973 00000149Sandy Dempsey - BonnevilleBonneville 1973 - not sure about this oneBonneville 1973 - not sure about this one

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Dan Warner - President, Bonneville 200 MPH Club(non-registered)
Nice photos. Looking forward to attending the gallery show.