I do most of my thinking in print for L'oeil de la Photographie, the daily journal I write for.  But sometimes there are photographic and art related things I'm thinking about that don't fit the L'oeil format.  BLOG! will be a place for ruminating about the pictures I'm making and picture making in general.

Stories I've Been Meaning To Tell Yo

January 15, 2017
Hi, Thanks for stopping by. I've moved my writing to another place where it's easier to find me and the stories look better. I try to publish a new story there once a we...
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Driving up to Kesey’s Farm

June 15, 2016
Tuesday, June 9 th 1970. I don’t always remember exactly when things happened but for once I have help. That’s because I’m telling this story in memory of Terry Reim, one...
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The First Place I Ever Lived in LA

March 27, 2016
1960, I’m eighteen years old and the cops have just come through Billy Caponigro’s apartment and warned us that if we don’t get out of town we are all going to jail. I’d...
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Ghost Chicago - looking for things no longer here - Part two - Shaare Tikvah

December 24, 2015
I didn’t know why I was being sent to Hebrew school. My father had not been religious and besides, he was dead. HE didn’t care. My mother had only a glancing connection t...
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Ghost Chicago - looking for things no longer here - My childhood

December 17, 2015
I went back to Chicago last week. City of my early years and a place of deep emotional connection. While I was there I visited the old neighborhoods, the streets where I...
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