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In November 2022 David Lebrun and I drove from Chicago to Santa Fe NM. We took five days, stopping along the way as we pleased, the trip as important as the destination.
For me, it was an experiment, a chance to think about how to make pictures of what could be seen at 70mph through the windows of a speeding car. Here are the results of that, with some of the pictures made as I normally do, stopped and careful by the side of the road but many made with only an instant to decide as the world went flying by.

Think of this as a contact sheet from the journey, everything I might have a use for someday, perhaps as illustrations for stories, etc. Later there will be a time for selection and perfection. Right now it's just a chronological retelling of what the roads looked like as we made our way west.
Road-008-Highway 55-Limestone Rest Area- Pontiac-ILRoad-009Road-010-Highway 72 west of Forsyth-ILRoad-012-Highway 72 west of Forsyth-ILRoad-016-3-Highway 36 near Macon-headed westRoad-019-Highway 36 near Macon-headed westRoad-020-Highway 36 near Macon-headed westRoad-026-Highway 36 near Macon-headed westRoad-032-Highway 36 near Macon-headed westRoad-033-Highway 36 near Macon-headed westRoad-034-Highway 36 -headed west_1Road-038-Highway 36 -headed westRoad-039-Dart Road near Danube Drive - off Highway 36Road-043-Dart Road near Danube Drive - off Highway 36Road-044- Highway 36 near Hamilton MORoad-045- Highway 36 near Hamilton MORoad-046- Highway 36 near Hamilton MORoad-047- Highway 36 near Hamilton MORoad-048- Highway 36 near Hamilton MORoad-049- Highway 36 near Hamilton MO