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Cars and a few motorcycles from the 2019 Grand National Roadster show in Pomona.

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_DSC0526-national roadster 2019_1_DSC0518-Roadster-national roadster 2019_DSC0534-national roadster 2019_DSC0542 - 50s Chevy-national roadster 2019_DSC0544 - Riviera-national roadster 2019_DSC0546 - Chevy-national roadster 2019_DSC0548 - 40s Chevy-national roadster 2019_DSC0558-59 - merc-E-national roadster 2019_DSC0570 - 50s Chevy-national roadster 2019_DSC0591 - Golden Rose-national roadster 2019_DSC0584 - Hillclimb Harley-national roadster 2019_DSC0566 - blue Chevy pinstripes-national roadster 2019_DSC0560 -Pontiac with skull-national roadster 2019_DSC0575 - slammed Merc-national roadster 2019_DSC0601-national roadster 2019Two beautiful OGs, Andy Romanoff and Al Teague