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Bob Harvey road triptych-Santa Fe_1AR3471-roadside McDonalds sign, leaving LA_1AR3475-Uncle Susan-BarstowIMG_6772-Harvey House, Barstow_1AR3477-bob harvey-spaceman-Harvey House, Barstow_1AR3483-Motel 6 - Main St, Barstow_1AR3484-A1 Cycle, Main St, Barstow_1AR3486-Canton Resturant-Main St, Barstow_1AR3490-waiting for the train- Barstow_1AR3493- Cooled by Refrigeration - 900 3rd st, Needles_1AR3501- Red Dog - 914 Broadway, Needles_1AR3509 - Chamber of Commerce - 100 G Street, Needles_1AR3515- Afternoon Light -G and Quinn, Needles_1AR3519 - Needles Museum - 929 Quinn Ct, Needles_1AR3521- Gas Stop Delorean - Ron Ferguson  - Kingman_1AR3531-Bob Harvey - Holiday Inn parking lot, Williams, AZ_1AR3541-East of Williams, hwy 40, driveing by_1AR3545 - BH at the Meteor City Trading Post_1AR3554 - AR - Leaving Meteor City_1AR3558-AR goes under the fence - Meteor City Trading Post