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T-shirts, badges, laminates, and pins I picked up along the way. Here are some things I saved over the years, souvenirs I got while working on films, TV shows, concerts and more. Looking at them reminds me of the fun time I've been having!
The Who, Tommy, Universal Amphiteater 8-24-1989 front IMG_2247The Who, Tommy, Universal Amphiteater 8-24-1989 back IMG_2248Paradise Ballroom Los Angeles 1972 IMG_2254Panavision Remotes Supertechno frontIMG_2236Panavision Remotes Supertechno back IMG_2235Nick Ray show IMG_2271Louma LA shirt IMG_2237Louma LA shirt closerIMG_2238IMG_E2347IMG_E2321IMG_E2258IMG_E2257IMG_E2253IMG_E2251IMG_E2237IMG_E2236IMG_E2235IMG_2420IMG_2419MOVIE 1941 - IMG_2409