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Mainly semis but some straight jobs and a few gas stations too.
_1AR4691 - Kansas - Washington and surroundings-3840_1AR0893-first truck-Enhanced-Lordsburg AZ Pilot Station-3840_1AR0894-Lordsburg AZ Pilot Station-3840_1AR0895-Lordsburg AZ Pilot Station-Enhanced-3840_1AR3006-Enhanced-3840_1AR3857 - Kansas - -3840_1AR4247 - Kansas -  - Strong City-3840_1AR5185 - Kansas - Dales combine-3840_DSC6631-Hwy 46, the James Dean Highway_1AR3574 - Welcome Professional Drivers - TA, Holbrook, AZRoad-008-Highway 55-Limestone Rest Area- Pontiac-ILRoad-019-Highway 36 near Macon-headed westRoad-050- Highway 36 near Hamilton MO_1AR1134-Enhanced-LACMA_1AR2312-395 & Pearson Rd-Enhanced_1AR2623-Enhanced-3840_1AR2627-Enhanced-3840_1AR2631-3840_1AR3809_1AR3812