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Pictures from a lifetime, the earliest made around 1960 and the latest just this year. They cover a lot of ground, from working on sleazy movies to my love of motorcycles to the big projects I like to work on now, the ones where I can't see the finish from the starting line. Taken together they remind me of all the things I've seen, the places I've been, and the things I've done. These pictures remind me how I got here and they point me to where I'm going.
This work is available for prints or licensing. To find out more, contact me at [email protected]
fifties and sixtiesPete Walver-Angelo LombardiMario passes itMario takes a hitchicago-Pipers Alley002frame 4-3840chicago-Pipers Alley002-3840chicago-chuck003-smoking in the car-3840Cadillac camera car003-before-front-editMario-Monique-at the car-editMonique and Michael in some store_1-3840Larry Romanoff, my brother - Chicago - early sixtiesAR for SOC picBill Kerwin-Blood Feast-gag shot (5)-EMal Arnold - Blood Feast (2)Richard Pierce, cinematographer and friend. Shot in Rochester in the mid sixtiesporn shoot - lighting check polaroidVirginia Bell - Bell, Bare and BeautifulLighting check Polaroid - I see green-at Empire Studios