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Here are pictures mostly made at Bonneville Speed Week 2018 with a few made back in 1973. It was a great pleasure being back there after so many years. The event has grown almost beyond recognition but the people and the cars and bikes, the salt and the sounds and smells take me back to 1973 when i was here last and the sixties when I built bikes and spent my weekends racing on the strip and the street.
In 1973 I went to Bonneville Utah to film and photograph the Sadd,Teague and Bentley roadster for Steed Oil. That year the car set a land speed record (266 mph) as the fastest open body roadster in the world, a record that stood for many years. I was lucky enough to be there that week and to make pictures of that car and some of the other classic cars competing.

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Guestbook for Bonneville 1973 and 2018
John F Gavran(non-registered)
Sweet, great shots, love being a course steward at Bonneville, as well as doing course set up at El Mirage. And as Umbrella holder to my friend since childhood, Nabee Davis of car 1174....
Michael Part(non-registered)
Wow, Andy, you have really captured the event, the machines, and above all, the people of that day at Bonneville!