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This gallery contains my last surviving pictures from Chicago in the fifties, sixties, and seventies along with modern-day pictures related to those times. There are still more rolls of film to digitize and hopefully, a few more things will show up.
Chicago December 2015, the lakefrontChicago December 2015, the lakefrontAngelo Lombardi and Angie Patrizi-3840Mario-Monique-at the car-edit-3840Monique and Michael in some store_1-3840Mario at the Fragile Sun-3840Mario takes a hit-edit-3840Mario-passes-it-jpg-3840AR with some random blonde in a bar on Clark St-3840In some bar001-3840Pete Walver-Angelo Lombardi_edited-3final-3840Kedzie and Lawrence-Mouse_edited-2-3840chicago - donut shop-Andy Laarveld-as 72dpi-@72dpichicago-Pipers Alley002-crop from strip-3840chicago-Pipers Alley002frame 4-3840chicago-chuck and Nicky002-3840chicago-chuck003-3840chicago-Pipers Alley002-3840chicago-Pipers Alley001-3840Pete Walver, Pat Binder and Bill Day, New Years Eve, sitting at the Horseshoe on Kedzie