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Pictures made over many years while traveling with the Hog Farm. My days living on the bus in 69-70, later trips, some reunions and a few memorials.
Hog Farm group_1AR1524Hog Farm reunion_1AR1408-Hog Farm-originalsHog Farm reunion_1AR1597-Hog Farm-2nd genHog Farm reunion_1AR1096Hog Farm reunion_1AR1361Hog Farm reunion_1AR1378Hog Farm reunion_1AR1389Hog Farm reunion_1AR1449Hog Farm reunion_1AR1569Hog Farm reunionSuzavitch, Amy, G Fetchen, etc_1AR1096Hog Farm reunion_1AR1045Hog Farm reunion_1AR1465Hog Farm reunion_1AR1621Hog Farm reunion_1AR1460Hog Farm reunionDavy Rocket-Thorpe_1AR1751Hog Farm reunionBryce Davies_1AR1739Hog Farm reunionAmy in the light-paint_1AR1065Hog Farm reunionCheckered Demons fierce_1AR1492Hog Farm reunionCheckered Demons mellow_1AR1505Hog Farm reunion_1AR1111-glow-paintHog Farm reunion

Guestbook for The Hog Farm archive
Rita X Stafford(non-registered)
Can't believe I just saw a picture of Star (among all the many other stars) Great!
Thanks for these. Beautiful images of some beautiful memories.