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A lifetime of pictures. Chicago in the sixties, Hippie life and living with the Hog Farm, fast cars and beautiful motorcycles, Nicholas Ray, John Cale, Wavy Gravy, and more, the extraordinary landscapes of Kansas, two-lane roads, and small-town America. I think it's safe to say I have a wide range of interests and I've had a lifetime to make pictures of what interests me.
Family Dog - Dancing - for portfolio - webhog Farm-Fred the Fed001-Ebus pix-Wavy-Fred-Rory-Rocket--E-6_1BUTCH AND BONNIE JEANNitrousWinter's End Festivalredneck-hippies - Winter's End Festivalin-front-of-the-free-stage - Winter's End FestivalWinter's End Festivalbus pix- Wizard-Wizbus pix-008-ButchBUTCHWavy on the bushog Farm-Fred the Fed001-E_1-BABA RED HATHog Farm - BUS BOYhog Farm BONNIE JEANHog Farm- BUS BOYHog Farm - The ASPWAvy - early morning bust