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Among these pictures there are many panoramas. I have a deep love of wide images and make them all the time. The widest are made to be seen as large prints - three to eight feet across. On a computer it's hard to see the scale and details that are so important to the image - they disappear when viewed on a little screen.

Not all the pictures are wide of course. Working on the 15000 Buddhas project has helped me see the faces in many things and so there are pictures of trees and skies as well.
Glacier National park, MontanaBlack Rock Canyon - Desert Hot Springs 1AR2147Angeles Crest - 1AR9757-v2Joshua Tree - 1AR9555-B+WBarton Springs Texas 1AR1875Cowboy Church, Flathead, MontanaChicago December 2015Chicago December 2015Grand CanyonGrand CanyonGrand CanyonBeach Street, Morro BayRest Stop, Hwy 580, CaliforniaVermont Avenue, Los AngelesVista Theater, eveningCalifornia CoastlineFoggy Afternoon, Santa Monica PierThe Last Stop, Santa Monica PierBeacon NY, Reservoir in SummerBeacon NY, Reservoir in Fall