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When I was younger I loved motorcycles with all-consuming devotion. From the time I was fifteen till about forty I lived, breathed, built, owned, and raced motorcycles of every kind. I had Harley's, an Indian, Triumphs, an Aerial Square four, a James, Yamaha's, and an Ossa. I'm sure I've forgotten a few more. I have never forgotten what they feel like, how they smell, the sound of their coming to life, the sensations of riding fast and free. My intention here is to make pictures that convey my feelings about these machines, ones I love like no others.
AR559-The Quail - Max Hazan - Mike Klingerman - 51 Vincent RapideAR312-The QuailAR381-The Quail- BMWAR116-The Quail-Laguna Seca - Ducati - Fuse - Revival CyclesAR311-The Quail - Whizzer motorbikeAR375-The Quail - Scotty Sharpe - 35 BMW R35AR436-The Quail - Richard Mitchell - 50 BSA B34AR497-The Quail - 75 Bultaco Sherpa T 350_1AR6010-Bonhams-Vegas - Moto Guzzi-3840_1AR5961-Bonhams-Vegas-3840_1AR5996-Bonhams-Vegas - Crocker -3840_1AR5972-Bonhams-Vegas-3840_1AR5995-Bonhams-Vegas- 1914 NUT 500cc_1AR6034-Mecum-Vegas - V2-3840_1AR6025-Mecum-Vegas-3840_1AR6032-Mecum-Vegas-3840_1AR6048-Mecum-Vegas-V2-3840_1AR6035-Mecum-Vegas-3840_1AR6041-Mecum-Vegas-3840_1AR6044-Mecum-Vegas-3840