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Pictures from the road. These were illustrations for a Medium story, The Roadtrip to Silver City. We spent a week traveling two lanes and back roads and stopping at tiny towns along the way. You can read the stories starting here:
IMG-7710-3840_1AR0621-Route 66-Pasadena-Colorado Blvd-Saga Motor Hotel-3840_1AR0626-Route 66-Pasadena-Colorado Blvd-Hiway Host Motel-3840_1AR0633-Route 66 Cajon Blvd San Bernadino-3840_1AR0635-Route 66-Cajon Blvd-San Bernadino-3840_1AR0637-Route 66-Cajon Blvd-San Bernadino-3840_1AR0642-Endless 10-3840_1AR0646-Desert Center-24hr service-3840_1AR0665-Desert Center-3840_1AR0666-Desert Center-Post Office-3840_1AR0669-Desert Center-Family Cafe-3840_1AR0673-3840_1AR0686-Hwy 177-62-3840_1AR0689-Hwy 62 Earp CA-3840_1AR0690-Hwy 62 Earp CA-3840_1AR0699-3840_1AR0702-Hwy 62-Midland Rd-CA-3840_1AR0705-3840_1AR0710-Hwy 62-Midland Rd-CA-3840_1AR0711-Hwy 62-Radio Tower Rd-CA-3840