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Art Shay arrives at drkrm for an interview with Lisa NapoliArt Shay, his eye as sharp as ever standing in front of his iconic photosArt Shay talking about his long careerArt Shay taking pictures of John MatkowskyArt Shay and Richard Shay.  Father and son - two strong personalitiesOpening Night, the place was packedLots of book and poster signingLots of conversation with admirersArt charms everybodyArt takes another picture.  he still shoots every dayThe help behind the counter was fast and friendlyErica DeGlopper  and friendPeter Heller making his way through the roomPeter and Terry Heller and Darcy Vebber enjoy the  momentJohn Matkowsky sits with friends outside the galleryDown at the end of Chung King Rd a little bit of old Los Angeles still exists.