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In July of 1962, Bob Tenczar and Ikey Saltzberg got married at Our Lady of Mercy church in Chicago. I was friends with them. Then I moved away and didn’t see them for many years. My brother Larry stayed in touch over the years and when I started showing again Larry mentioned it to Ikey. The next thing I knew I got a call from Ikey that started with “YOU ****, WHERE ARE MY PICTURES”!
She went on to tell me a story of events I’m still trying to remember. It turns out I had photographed their wedding. Not only the wedding but pictures of Bob carrying Ikey over the threshold of their room at the Spa Motel, pictures at home, etc. Well it sounded like me back then even if I couldn’t remember it.
Ikey told me that I had given them proofs before I left town but all they had were those 3 ½ x 5 images and they had fifty years of wear and tear, scotch tape, ink stains and rips. The negatives were long gone and with their fiftieth anniversary coming up it would be nice to have some pictures. I told Ikey if she sent me scans of the proofs I’d see what I could do. So she sent me a disc with the files and I went to work to salvage them. I had hoped seeing the pictures would jog my memory but so far no soap. What they did do was remind me of what we looked like in the sixties, hanging out on the corner with a lot of attitude but still pretty conservative in the important moments. So here are a few shots from Bob and Ikey’s wedding of many years ago. They are still together after all these years and....I’m finally delivering the pictures.