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What does a "Portrait" mean? To me it means pictures made with patience to see past the faces we regularly present to the camera. At best a portrait is a collaboration between photographer and sitter meant to see a little deeper into the person behind the smile. Some of these then are formal portraits while others are a bit more casual - candid portraits or just faces if you will. Either way they seem to me a good expression of the people you see here.
Pete Walver-Angelo Lombardi_edited-3final_1AR1861-Jordan at the DriskillDancers at the New WhitneyMario takes a hit-editJohn Cale - Composer and performerNick Ray at the Chateau MarmontJohn Simmons - Artist in many waysScott Colglazier, minister at First Congregational, The Urban ChurchJustin GreenbergA Johansson Family PortraitJean Marie Lavalou - Inventor and friend"Vee" - Bob Vercruse - best of friendsAndrea Rich painting in her Ojai studio, August 15th, 2013.  A friend of artists and artPavel Stransky - Terrezin survivorTori Amoscato - Healer at workGary Leonard - Photographer - Angels on Main St.John Eder - Photographer and story-tellerIsaac Levinbrown, PainterLarry Romanoff, my brother - Chicago - early sixtiesWavy Gravy - Wise Man/Trickster

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