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Visiting small towns along the road I began to notice their post offices. Each one was unique, but all were buildings that served a common function, each in its own way. Hmmm, I thought, that's interesting, so many forms for just one function.
_1AR0666-Desert Center-Post Office-3840_1AR0834-Ft Thomas AZ-3840_1AR0863-Solomon AZ-3840_1AR0876-Duncan AZ-3840_1AR0930-3840_1AR0952-Glenwood NM-3840Independence CA - 1AR2750Lee Vining CA - 1AR2910Ducor CA _1AR3403Porterville CA _1AR3409Porterville CA _1AR3412Lemon Cove CA _1AR3415Tesuque NM _1AR3615Kings Canyon CA _1AR3633Orosi CA _1AR3681Kansas - Cottonwood FallsAlma KS _1AR4015Wilson KS _1AR4440Kanopolis - Ft Harker KS _1AR4517Concordia KS _1AR4587