In May and August of 2014, I spent several days in New York photographing the collection at the Rubin Museum. It was wonderful to spend the time there walking amongst the treasures, having something catch my eye then gazing at it until it revealed how it wanted to be seen. These were not made as clinical renderings of objects. I thought of them as portraits and shot them as if they were living beings who cared about how they were presented.
_DSC5853-Rubin Museum_DSC5857-Rubin Museum_DSC5861-Rubin Museum_DSC5863-Rubin Museum_DSC5866-E-Rubin Museum_DSC5871-v2-Rubin Museum_DSC5874-Rubin Museum_DSC5875-Rubin Museum_DSC5876-Rubin Museum_DSC5878-Rubin Museum_DSC5881-Rubin Museum_DSC5883-Rubin Museum_DSC5885-Rubin Museum_DSC5886-Rubin Museum_DSC5887-Rubin Museum_DSC5888-Rubin Museum_DSC5889-Rubin Museum_DSC5893-Rubin Museum_DSC5897-Rubin Museum_DSC5898-Rubin Museum