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The first fifteen images are part of a show at Young Projects opening Friday 5-23-14. The others are unedited images from the 2010 rehearsals of the legendary light-show group Single Wing Turquoise Bird.
SWTB - Complex Image 2965SWTB - Complex Image 2866SWTB - Complex Image 3388SWTB - Complex Image 4324SWTB - Liquids 3758SWTB - Liquids 3614SWTB - Liquids 3681SWTB - Liquids 3879SWTB - Complex Image 4323SWTB - Complex Image 4168SWTB - rehearsal at Four FriendsSWTB - The Slide TableSWTB - Measuring the LightSWTB - Video VillageSWTB - Bird in Flight_MG_4406_MG_4404_MG_4405_MG_4403_MG_4402